Nearby Tourist Attractions

  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

    The total area of the park is 8 km2. It is a popular destination for both tourists and schoolchildren. A wide variety of animal life can be encountered, including: sambar deer, Indian bison, Malabar giant squirrel, Indian peafowl and many species of snake.

    Bondla provides sanctuary to leopards who have been injured when they ventured too close to human habitation, and dancing bears and cobras who, along with their trainers, need a new life as the age-old tradition of dancing bears and snake charming is now illegal. The elephants and their handlers are more fortunate: the two at Bondla take turns to give visitors a ride, and on their off day are bathed and laze around.


    8.5 km

  • Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is a 208.5-km2 (80.5-mi2) protected area just 20 kms away. The sanctuary is an area of high biodiversity, and is being considered to become a Project Tiger tiger reserve because of the presence of resident Bengal tigers.


    20 km

  • Tambdi Surla Mahadev temple

    The temple is built in Jain style in the twelfth century..

    The small, beautifully carved and perfectly proportioned black basalt temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has survived Muslim invasions and Portuguese persecution, in its almost perfect condition mainly due to its remote location in a clearing deep in the forest at the foot of the Western Ghats which surround the site in a sheer wall of impenetrable vegetation.

    It is considered to be the only specimen of Kadamba-Yadava architecture in basalt stone preserved and available in Goa.

    Bas-relief figures of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, with their respective consorts appear on panels at the sides of the temple. Surprisingly the mandap is covered with a roof of plain grey sloping slabs.

    The river Surla flows nearby and can be reached via a flight of stone steps. There is a headless Nandi (bull, Shiva's vehicle) in the centre of the mandap, surrounded by four matching columns. The symbol of the Kadamba kingdom, an elephant trampling a horse is carved on the base of one of the columns.

    There is a linga (symbol of Lord Shiva) mounted on a pedestal inside the inner sanctum and local legend has it that a huge King Cobra is in permanent residence in the dimly lit interior.


    23 km

  • Harvalem waterfalls

    A thunderous spurt of water beautifully cascading down a rocky terrain of a mountain! This is the picture of the splendorous Harvalem Waterfalls in Go. With water falling headlong from a height of 70 meters, it makes up for an absolutely breathtaking view.

    The Harvalem waterfall is at its glorious best right after the monsoon, with eye-catching beauty that exhilarates the tourists. A huge lake is formed at the bottom which is much popular amongst the swimmers. The color of the waterfall becomes muddy brown because of the monsoon rains and the water flow is quite less. The area has lush greenery all around it with fruit laden trees adding to the beauty of the scenery.. In the vicinity of the waterfall lies the temple of Rudreshwar which holds great importance for the Hindus. Another major attraction of this place is the rock-cut caves that give it a historical touch and are also popular amongst the film-makers.

    The astounding charm of this secluded place with a mesmerizing view of water descending into the lapse of mother nature, makes this place an ideal location for rejuvenating the soul.


    15 km

  • Mhovacho Guno

    Since the last decade, Mhovacho Guno has evolved into a picnic spot, drawing a large number of youth to bathe in its fresh and soothing waters. It is located between Sonal and Caranzol in the Sattari taluka and forms a part of the River Mhadei. The 19th century freedom fighter, Deepaji Rane, is famously known to have used this location a hideout during the onslaught of the Portuguese army. The river flows continuously and brims with water throughout the year, with the sprawling Mhadei wildlife sanctuary providing a spectacular backdrop..

    24 km